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JavaScript cryptocurrency Miner for your Website/Extension. Browser mining is a new alternative revenue stream in addition to ads on your site. Monetize any type of traffic from any device with our safe and fast script. Revolution script for effective mining at any time. Mine what you want with highest mining ratio!

First month of partnership 100% profit

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High Efficiency

The most effective miner on the market with highest mining ratio. Our miner uses WebAssembly. Works on any type of device and with any type of traffic. You will earn your true 80%, the rest 20% are used to maintain and develop our service. First month - COMMISSION FREE! Our system works with its own cryptocurrency pools - no shave or failures at any time.

Safe and Clear

Fresh clean domains every day, domains from public trusted services for scripts, automatic domain/script rotation on detects 24/7, innovation script obfuscation, php dynamic code and plugins for any type of popular CMS. And more for maximum safe and security of your source.


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